Tallahassee Salsa Dancers offers private or small-group lessons for all levels of dancers and also has a network of local instructors who offer private instruction for salsa, bachata, cha cha cha, merengue, and tango.  If you are interested in private instruction, please email us at tallahasseesalsadancers@gmail.com


We offer group classes at Studio D located behind Olive Garden at 1105 Apalachee Parkway Unit B

Salsa Group Classes


3:00 pm Basic Beginner   This class is 1 hour and 30 minutes. This is a 8 week salsa classes for those who are interested in growing as a dancer and progressing. Makeup for Basic Beginner is at 2 pm every Sunday.   Make sure you send us an email if you plan to attend any of the makeup sessions.  After attending the 8 week classes, we will have an official graduation for our attendees.

Beginner Salsa



4:30 pm Advanced Beginner.  This class is for those who just completed the Basic Beginner class.  It is now 1 hour and 30 minutes.  Don’t stop learning.  This is an 8 week salsa class to continue with your foundation as a dancer.  After this,we believe you will have a solid foundation to move to some advanced movements.


Advanced Beginner Salsa


6:00 PM Essence of Leading and Following This is a partnerwork only class that focuses on body positioning, posture, signals and response from follows. This is a 5 week class.  Afterwards, we complete Ladies and Men Styling (4 week )



Tuesdays 8 pm Intermediate

This class offers a different shine and partnerwork combo for each class. It goes pass the explaining every detail for a movement.  We start to real showcase flavor in our shines and partnerwork because clients understand timing and foundations to execute movements.



June 16, 2019

September 8, 2019



Bachata Group Classes

Thursday- 8:00 pm- $5

Bachata Technique

(beginners are welcome)

Sunday- 6:00-$5

TSD Bachata Patterns and Footwork